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Traveler Reviews of Monte Carlo Inn

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no customer care

beware of staying at this place ..its way below even the lowest scale of motels..manager argues with any guest with a problem..mine was a rude maid...maids dont even take out the trash here...cops here all day and after you check in theyve got you so dont be tempted even if the price is low...theres a reason for that

What Fresh Hell IS This?

HORRIBLE! The Management are bossy, rude and really into power!. They have all kind of hidden charges and rules and will rent to anyone! The Police literally have a sub-station there! They dont have any of the listed benefits (forget your computers!) I would recommend this place to the damned (and you know where they live!)

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Monte Carlo Inn

Address of Monte Carlo Inn
685 East Arrow Highway,
Azusa, California
USA, 91702
Phone of Monte Carlo Inn
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