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Family Friendly Denver

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when someone tells you they’re from Denver? Maybe it’s beautiful, snow-capped mountains perfect for skiing, the temperate climate, or the Broncos. Whatever you associate with Denver, most everyone has heard of this city. However, only the locals know what a gem Denver actually is. Not only are there plenty of fun and interesting things to do around the city, the Denver area is one of the best places to raise a family.

For starters, Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in America, according to Forbes.

Because of the buzz around this lively city, the housing market has remained stable, ensuring that you and your family will have security in your dream home for years to come, without paying ridiculously expensive prices. Denver’s suburbs are particularly beautiful and convenient if you’re looking to be part of city culture without necessarily living in the heart of the downtown hustle and bustle.

denver schoolAnother reason Denver is a fantastic place to raise a family is the multitude of fantastic schools. Got a little artist on your hands? Send him/her to Denver School of the Arts. Peak to Peak Charter School is one of Colorado’s highest ranked schools and Girl’s Athletic Leadership School offers the unique opportunity for your child to pursue their dreams tuition free while promoting physical and mental wellness. These are just a few of the amazing high schools in Denver and with over 170 public and 70 private schools in the city, you have plenty of options to customize to your child’s needs.

According to Huffington Post, Denver was also ranked the second safest feeling city in America, with over seventy-five percent of residents reporting that they feel safe enough in Denver to walk alone at night. In addition, RCP accredits Denver to being the seventh safest city in the nation, with violent crime down over four percent. Worrying about safety for you and your family can be worrisome, but at least living in Denver can make you rest assured that you’re in one of the safest cities in the entire country.

Finally, Denver has more to offer than just safety, fantastic schools, and tons of housing opportunities. There are an abundance of parks, museums, opportunities to watch sporting events, and community opportunities to bring families together. Denver opens the door to family-friendly fun in one of the country’s most renowned cities. Start exploring today!